Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AIESEC Hyderabad finally has a blog!

As the norms of the 'Customary First Post' go,
I’d like to first welcome all of you to the place where tomorrow is lived today.
AIESEC- The world's largest international youth-run organization.. "A platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential to have a positive impact on society".

What does this mean to us?

It's a place where ideas become opportunity, belief becomes action, theory becomes practice, and growth becomes inevitable. It's a place where dreams turn into reality everyday as thousands of us constantly encounter perhaps the strongest catalyst we'll ever come across in our lives.
And with its presence in over a 107 countries across the globe, its impact is ever-growing.

AIESEC Hyderabad is one chapter in one of those 107 countries. Started in 1987, it is one of the oldest and most respected Local Committees in the national plenary thanks to the values it stands by, to its awesome membership and even more awesome teams of individuals who have lead it through the course of the years.
This blog is a communication platform for us, AIESECers from Hyderabad, to share ideas, thoughts, experiences, et al.

I hereby end the first post with a snapshot of the Local Committee taken at the General Body Meeting held on 24th October 2009.

That's one happy Local Committee, ain't it :)

News, views, comments, events, interesting bits of trivia–post it all! Keep this blog alive, active and kicking! :)

Live, learn, laugh and create a legacy of your own.