Sunday, May 18, 2014

Everyone values quality. It is what qualifies a brand and many times becomes the only thing that does so. Excellent quality, that consumers value, appears to be almost magical. A new watch from that snappy brand or a new laptop from the most fashionable technology giant, adds a hint of fantasy to everyone's life. 

Many organisations are often trying to replicate these results. After all, everyone wants to be the most sought after commodity in their respective markets. Not only organisations, but individuals as well. 

We all wonder, at various points, how can we create magic?

Magic isn't easy to create. Most of it, if not all, lies outside our comfort zones.To reach it, we must push our boundaries and broaden our horizons. We must challenge the status quo and overcome innumerable hurdles. We must strive for excellence. Every thought, action, impulse or decision must be firmly rooted in the concept of excellence. Anything below that should not be tolerated. Yes, it sounds daunting. But then again, for the result to be magical, 'daunting' is a small price to pay.