Tuesday, March 18, 2014

21st Century Leadership

Leadership is a word , whose frequency of usage has increased with the dawn of 21st century. Leadership means may things to many people. It can simply be defined as “ An act of leading a group ” or it can be personalized and defined as “ Leadership is the capacity to translate vision to reality ” . But leadership in 21st century means “ Positive impact on others and society” .

21st century has brought more changes and challenges than any other millennium before . These changes have changed peoples perspective of leadership.21st century leadership is multidimensional and is based in relationships. It should respond to the unique challenges and opportunities of today. Through shared purposes and aspirations, leadership brings forward new ways of being, knowing and doing, while respecting the developmental nature of the human life .21st Century Leadership is oriented toward being inclusive, collaborative, and of service, to individuals, the social good, and ecological sustainability.

NEXUS is the Annual Stakeholder Summit of AIESEC Hyderabad. It’s an event where all the stakeholders of AIESEC Hyderabad gather to discuss the theme of the event and to network. Our stakeholders include; Alumni , parents , corporate clients ( previous and present ) , Internship participants , partners and NGOs . Our stakeholders are from a wide spectrum, ranging from Social bloggers to HRs. The theme for NEXUS 2014 is “ 21st Century Leadership ”

Saturday, March 8, 2014

AIESEC Hyderabad's Aadhikar-2014

Well speaking in an international perspective, it is well known that the United Nations wing for women called the “UNWomen” is blooming in its core duty, i.e. empowering women globally. The year’s theme for the day is “Equality for women is progress for all”.  Expected to be addressed and attended by Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the United Nations. So Women’s day in India is happening and their empowerment seems to be a burning issue. Headlines elsewhere read that “Women’s empowerment in India will take a look at our rich heritage and enlightened societies of the past”, while facing the harsh realities that prevail in modern India. It is quite vivid that women in India have always been treated as a second grade citizen irrespective of fragile promises made by esteemed leaders. The dichotomy of society is something that can only be explained by a refrain from an old Bollywood song: “it happens only in India!”
To have a sneak peek of the hardships faced by Indian women, it is just enough to browse the headlines every morning where each day a new threat emanates threatening their very survival. Right from minor inequality issues to exploding sexual assaults that result in the society tagging them as alive corpses. While there are very few amongst the victims who tend to live a life again unlike the maximum who just survive. When there are cases such like this that shake ones very survival instincts in the Indian society, there are also instances of women who’ve impacted society like no other.  Let’s have a look at the brighter side of the country. Amongst grim happenings with women in India there are also predominant success stories that have been prevailing for quite some time now. The infamous very first IPS officer Kiran Bedi whose ideologies and determination made the country realize the power of a woman. Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi- The first Indian women to lead the largest beverage business in the world i.e. PepsiCo. Kalpana Chawla, The name defines her achievements which literally were out of this world, etc. Such personalities are present solely to help move the human race ahead.
With Women’s Day today let us benevolently regard the very presence of our mothers, sisters, friends and every woman in this world. It is only humanitarian to believe in the fact that there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.
Project Adhikaar – An initiative of AIESEC in Hyderabad envisions in Empowering Women all over the city through workshops felicitated by Internationals and Locals, and impacting close to 60,000 people, as we believe in the saying

“You can tell the strength of the Nation by the women behind its men.”