Tuesday, March 18, 2014

21st Century Leadership

Leadership is a word , whose frequency of usage has increased with the dawn of 21st century. Leadership means may things to many people. It can simply be defined as “ An act of leading a group ” or it can be personalized and defined as “ Leadership is the capacity to translate vision to reality ” . But leadership in 21st century means “ Positive impact on others and society” .

21st century has brought more changes and challenges than any other millennium before . These changes have changed peoples perspective of leadership.21st century leadership is multidimensional and is based in relationships. It should respond to the unique challenges and opportunities of today. Through shared purposes and aspirations, leadership brings forward new ways of being, knowing and doing, while respecting the developmental nature of the human life .21st Century Leadership is oriented toward being inclusive, collaborative, and of service, to individuals, the social good, and ecological sustainability.

NEXUS is the Annual Stakeholder Summit of AIESEC Hyderabad. It’s an event where all the stakeholders of AIESEC Hyderabad gather to discuss the theme of the event and to network. Our stakeholders include; Alumni , parents , corporate clients ( previous and present ) , Internship participants , partners and NGOs . Our stakeholders are from a wide spectrum, ranging from Social bloggers to HRs. The theme for NEXUS 2014 is “ 21st Century Leadership ”

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