Monday, December 4, 2017

The Global Goals.

I fold my hands in humility before you all because I come from the land of culture, of shastras and Vedas, who believe that they are not above or beneath any individual.
From the land of Snake Charmers, to the land of Mangalyaan, the journey has been incredible – it has taken 70 years for this vibrant nation, with 1.2 billion people to beat back poverty, hunger, unemployment, corruption to propel itself on the path of unprecedented growth. It has been the blood, sweat and toil of the people of this country that has transformed, every burden, every disadvantage into a nation, that has become greater than the sum of its parts.

The world’s governments have formulated a set of Sustainable Development Goals for the period 2016-2030. The SDGs focus on ending extreme poverty, hunger, and preventable disease, and are the most important global development goals in the United Nations’ history. The SDGs are fighting not only against extreme poverty, the challenges of ensuring more equitable development and environmental sustainability, and especially, the key goal of curbing the dangers of human-induced climate change.
So, fellow Indians, can UN goals actually make a difference?

The messageof the SDGs is powerful and encouraging. These 17 goals have become the centrepiece of the development efforts for developing countries, like India,all around the world. So, yes, they really make a difference.They bring forth a path for marked progress and help galvanize a global efforton poverty reduction, disease control, and increased access to schooling and infrastructure everywhere.

These goals are important for many reasons. First, they are essential for social mobilization. The world needs to be oriented in one direction to help achieve sustainable development. The global goals help individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide to agree on the direction – essentially, to focus on what really matters for our future. Secondly, the goals make our political leaders accountable as they areconstantly questioned on the steps they were taking to realise the goals. Finally, the goals matter because they help create a network of expertise, knowledge, and practice into action around sustainable-development challenges.

A strong beginning has been made, a promising future awaits us. It is ‘We the People’ who make India strong and resilient for the future. We walk together, we move together, we think together, we resolve together and together we take this country forward. Give us a place where we can stand – and we shall move the world. So, fellow Indians, it is our duty, to continue to realise the Sustainable Development Goals and put India on the map for being a nation that shall continue to charter a sustainable future.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

An Ode to Travel

Those endless beach fantasies.
All my fantasies begin the same way; my messy, unkempt hair has been coloured by the sun, my skin is slightly burnt, marked by multiple tan lines and my toes are digging into the hot sand as I make my way across the beach. What can I say? I’ve always felt like I belong at sea.

The gorgeous Amalfi Coast in Italy.

I spend so much of my time imagining that I am anywhere but here.
There are days I am sat atop a camel crossing the Great Pyramids under the scorching sun, there are days I am in Italy licking the sticky Gelato off my fingers as it runs down the ice-cream cone, there are days I am in a Buddhist monastery at Sri-Lanka searching for a version of myself that I can finally be at peace with. I simply cannot count the number of times I have woken up at 3 AM from a dream in some exotic destination only to realise I have College in a few hours, and that I probably shouldn’t fall asleep after binge watching shows on Fox Traveller.

This Summer however, I have decided to become a girl who travel.
Travelling is an education that we all should attempt at some point in our lives; it might not come with a Master’s Degree, but it sure does open our eyes. I’ve spent my whole life convinced that the world was an intimidating place, where travelling was reserved for the people who could pay, both the cash and the risk of taking that call. However, in the past few months that I have worked at AIESEC, I have been privileged enough to meet people, brave people who have seen the world beyond, people with interesting stories, people with so much enthusiasm to foster change, people with a purpose.
They aren’t extraordinary people endowed with a special ‘travelling gene’, they’re College students like me! They’re ordinary people making extraordinary choices because they refuse to settle within their comfort zone.

So, now I have to travel, once, a least once while I am young to learn what it means to be free. I think to teach English in Italy, or to foster Sustainable Development programmes in Sri Lanka for a few weeks will teach me more than 3 years of graduation ever will. I want to make new friends, I want to find unexplored corners and more importantly, this summer, I want to find myself. I want to find a version of me that is more involved in global issues, more aware of the UN Sustainable Goals, and mostly become someone who cares enough to make a difference.
I want to be extraordinary too.
So, join me and let’s find our calling together dear readers.
Let us find a story, an experience, a version of ourselves that isn’t anchored to our beds at home, but sailing across the ocean wide. Let us become, dear readers, brave new explorers of a world unexplored, let us charter a new course for the ships of our lives.

I’m traveling this summer, I want my fantasies to see the light of reality. I hope I’ll find you there too, at the place where dreams manifest themselves into a map, a bag pack and the will to be more.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Portrait of an Entrepreneur!

Today, the term Entrepreneur in common usage has come to denote anybody who starts and runs his own firm. 
   Its rather, a very simple sounding accomplishment that earns one the title of an Entrepreneur, in reality there is more to it than that meets the eye at a glance.
                Every single person today, at some point contemplates silently in the free space of his mind.The question, “What if I  become someone like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?” and daydream, rather fantasize with the idea of  starting a business/company, get it to grow and also grow super rich through it. Instant ticket to name, fame and great money.  A honest realistic review of the lives of many great men and many successful Entrepreneurs reveal certain striking similarities.
What is it that makes one successful? 
What uniqueness do they seem to possess which almost guarantees their success? 
On a path alone, often battling mental demons of despair and daring to survive betrayals and setbacks.
He deals constantly with the feeling of being lost, getting nowhere, terrible confusion and great self-doubt rarely showing it.

In this Global age, a person seeking to establish a company is nothing short of creating a kingdom as in the old days.   Just the way a person (in the olden days) would dream to rise up and become a king who builds his mighty kingdom from scratch. Learning his way through great difficulties and displaying great character. Finally emerging victorious in the War, despite of setbacks and failures.  
An Entrepreneur is a leader ,like an Emperor,who has to deal with immensely powerful difficulties , risks and challenges. To be successful in this eternal quest one needs certain traits and unique kind of mind-set. To do things, the general population would never dare go beyond the realm of thought; this person is often seen as Crazy.
A person who is ‘crazy’ enough to trust himself and follow his dream.
‘Crazy’. Not because he just thought he would somehow get plain lucky , but because he trusts his ability to survive despite the prospect of stumbling into a huge disaster. This sounds pure young blood craziness to the typical Indian household setting, thus often , he has to overcome stiff opposition from people closest to him and also have the ability to get people to believe in him and his dream.

He is a person just like you and me, with almost the same set of insecurities and doubts.
Maybe in just a different time or age but the challenges have always remained the same.
Against seemingly immovable obstacles, often crossing new horizons and carving out new paths in his journey, he moves ahead with courage in his heart.
Yet, He does not choose to give up on his dream.
With Guts to be “Crazy enough” to take that one step. The leap of faith, that he can bear it all and ultimately triumph.
He is full aware that the world may not be as supportive or encouraging  as one would require but he trust  himself that he can blossom with or without the sunshine .
He trusts himself to find a way no matter how discouraging a time that may befall him.
No matter how great the hurdles or how grave the setback may be, he never loses sight of his  triumph and victory.
This is the legendary ‘Spirit’ of an Entrepreneur’s soul.                                                                        

The above, clearly outlines the attitude that is crucial for a Entrepreneur.
The next step to take would ideally be a SWOT analysis of himself which ultimately results in the realization of adequate knowledge in diverse fields concerning his idea and management of a company.
Pretty much like a Prince who learns the theoretical principles from his Guru and sets out into the kingdom to test himself and also learn how to implement and discover new ways to handle his subjects.
An Entrepreneur must also seek to know everything recorded and verified in the field in which he intends to enter.
                              The books are the starting point. Often, most of the written work in a book would mimic in “Personality Development Category”,I.e. they are really good interesting reads, provide an amazing motivational boost with apparent ready-made solutions and ways, but sadly nothing worthwhile can be  learnt that easily in reality.
Not everything can be learnt from reading a text book. As in Economics, most of the principles that are discussed are with a condition that most other factors remain constant. It is also a fact that in today’s rapidly changing world the uncertainty and change are constant.

            In order to be a successful Entrepreneur, one needs lot of practical first-hand knowledge of how the things happen in the actual world.
He also needs to develop the essential ‘knack’ of knowing when the established principals of business work and when to chart a new way going against ‘expert’ advice. 

How to gain a First-hand experience?

Ideally join (or intern at) an established firm and get to know the way things are actually done in the world. Often many companies guard their secrets with stringent security to ensure they don’t face plagiarism.
Just to learn about the functioning of a corporate entity one needs to be a part of one.
Most people would have to wait to graduate out of college to be able to earn a ticket into the corporate world. But those who don’t, give up with the society’s apparent norms.
A true Entrepreneur challenges the ways of the world or finds methods to get what he needs.
One of the best way is to be a part of AIESEC.

  1.  Inside view of functioning of a corporate entity.
  2.  Experiential Learning in a global environment.
  3. Programs to develop leadership skills and also team building skills.
  4.  Learn to deal with the big corporate houses out there through the privilege of being an “AIESECer”.
  5. Get to interact with diverse people from different regions of his own country and abroad.
  6. A platform to form great connections and possibly like minded passionate people to work with daily while still being in college.(Get to learn SWOT analysis, brand building, client relationship management, real-time crisis management and many more)
  7. · The Freedom to fail.

          Once a great man, the father of our nation said, “Freedom is not worth having without the freedom to make mistakes.
             Best part is that there will be almost no setbacks as your work will be monitored and guided by experienced, knowledgeable people.
            Ultimately, the aim is to learn as much as possible about the field and also about how a corporate entity functions in the shortest time utilizing the best resources.
Eventually you can proceed to get a MBA or venture out with your start up or enterprise directly after your graduation.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Young Aspirations!

A challenge to overpower your inhibitions to try new stuff,a chance to do something truly worthwhile with the privilege of having freedom to fail and start fresh with a vengeance to succeed.A platform to enhance and refine your talents and to discover few talents aswell.
   We,the youth of today are bored with our routine college work and seek to do something which is really worthwhile and helps us be a better person by helping us learn and grow in various streams of life!
Nothing beats an AIESEC journey experience to the Entrepreneurial spirit who gets to know first hand running of a corporate entity.A chance to experience learning by working in a corporate environment while still being in college.
Learning to let go that which holds us back and believing in our own abilities.A place to break the cacoon and fly like a butterfly!

Giving wings to Aspirations !


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nexus throughout the ages. PART 2

21st Century leadership

The philosophy of leadership implicit in leadership development programs of the past is no longer adequate for dealing with the complex problems inherent in communities and organizations today. This implicit philosophy assumes that leadership rests in individuals who must be capable of inspiring and influencing others to solve problems and achieve goals.

Leadership as relationship, revolves around the idea of a network of fluid relationships and is built on the concepts of empowerment, participation, partnership, and service.
A 21st century leader incurs integrity;builds culture, values and internal and external relationships in order to get focused and innovative results.  

21st century leadership is a lot about personal branding. For a 21st century leader, it calls for their character and not the status or position. They have to be genuine and innovative in whatever aspects they choose.

AIESEC is a non governmental, not-for-profit, youth run organization present in 125 countries. It’s vision is “Peace and fulfilment of Humankind’s potential”. AIESEC provides experiential Leadership Experiences through international internships and youth forums. It has been there in Hyderabad since the last 28 years. Two years back AIESEC in Hyderabad started holding the annual stakeholders’ summit, inviting all the stakeholders and clients, 200 in number and giving the corporates and itself an elite platform of networking, hence calling it NEXUS. In 2014, NEXUS took place in AVASA themed as “21st Century leadership.”

This year it is scheduled to take place in ITC Kakatiya on 18th of April, with the theme of “The Corporate Pledge”.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NEXUS throughout the ages. PART-1

Entrepreneurship Unearthed

Every young dreamers’ actions are what we address as the stepping stones to entrepreneurship. To build oneself into an ever growing entrepreneur, one has to provide their dreams materialized in the form of services. It is important for young entrepreneurs to be adequately self-aware to know what they do not know.
Certainly there is a leap of faith involved, a leap of faith in oneself till the point of obsession to create the ideal. Just like those elements on the periodic table wanting and working to be totally balanced and achieve the perfect configuration, each and every individual in this universe tries to achieve that perfect valency. Hardships, determination, sincerity of the subject may form some of the keywords in an entrepreneur’s diary, because a smooth sea never forms a skillful sailor.
AIESEC is a non governmental, not-for-profit, youth run organization present in 125 countries. It’s vision is “Peace and fulfilment of Humankind’s potential”. AIESEC provides experiential Leadership Experiences through international internships and youth forums. It has been there in Hyderabad since the last 28 years. Every year AIESEC in Hyderabad brings forward NEXUS, the Annual Stakeholders’ summit. It is where all the clients and stakeholders of AIESEC in Hyderabad gather around to discourse the theme of the evening and network with each other. NeXus has happened twice before. It’s inception was laid in 2013 when it took place in N Convention. “Entrepreneurship unearthed.” was the then theme of the evening.
NEXUS 2013 has seen entrepreneurial sessions from Mr. Madhav, Local committee president of AIESEC in Hyderabad in the year 2013; Mr. Birad Yajnik, a proud alumnus of AIESEC in Hyderabad and is also on the Local Board of Advisors, currently the MD of Visual Quest; Ana Escobar, an international intern with AIESEC since 2012, worked at Radisson Blu, a native of Mexico, has enjoyed her time at Hyderabad; Santosh Yellajosula, Abhiram Muddu and Varun Reddy together lead a startup called The Mauka.
NEXUS 2015 this year is scheduled to take place on 18th of April in ITC Kakatiya. NEXUS 2015 centers around the theme of “The Corporate Pledge”.

NEXUS 2015


With the advent of literature, humankind flourished. The seeds to new possibilities grew into assured pledges, bearing the fruits, endeavors and hopes. These hopes form the dreams. Some, worked upon and only some touch the surface of reality. Not every thought conceived sees the light, but only if its shown the fire can it ignite.
Time is quick and quiet, it moves around with the most and might. Successful entrepreneurs and leaders of this era play around with time, risking and creating value. The more difficult the business the more value it adds. Mahatma Gandhi listed business without ethics as one of the seven greatest fears to humankind. Each business is an institution in itself, building upon its own believes and values.These values are the diverse business ethics that any institution or firm confides in and follows. These ethics or values are not definable, is not implementable, because it is not conscious, it involves not only our thinking but also our feelings. And certainly if the ethics are poor at the top, then that behavior is copied down the organisation.
A Corporate Pledge encloses the set of esteemed values and morals which will help in setting up an ideal workplace. And to set that paragon phenomenon today’s leaders and entrepreneurs need to understand the value of the “Corporate Pledge”. It has become a corporate responsibility to do the greater good of all. The Corporate pledge of any company encompasses their actions, the way they do it, it’s impact and experiences generated. The corporate Pledge creates Impact and beautiful experiences; and brings in the sustainable trend.
AIESEC is a non governmental, not-for-profit, youth run organization present in 125 countries. It’s vision is “Peace and fulfilment of Humankind’s potential”. AIESEC provides experiential Leadership Experiences through international internships and youth forums. It has been there in Hyderabad since the last 28 years. This year AIESEC in Hyderabad brings forward the 3rd edition of NEXUS, the Annual Stakeholder’s summit. It is where all the clients and stakeholders of AIESEC in Hyderabad gather around to discourse the theme of the evening and network with each other. NEXUS 2015 centers around the theme of “The Corporate Pledge”.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Everyone values quality. It is what qualifies a brand and many times becomes the only thing that does so. Excellent quality, that consumers value, appears to be almost magical. A new watch from that snappy brand or a new laptop from the most fashionable technology giant, adds a hint of fantasy to everyone's life. 

Many organisations are often trying to replicate these results. After all, everyone wants to be the most sought after commodity in their respective markets. Not only organisations, but individuals as well. 

We all wonder, at various points, how can we create magic?

Magic isn't easy to create. Most of it, if not all, lies outside our comfort zones.To reach it, we must push our boundaries and broaden our horizons. We must challenge the status quo and overcome innumerable hurdles. We must strive for excellence. Every thought, action, impulse or decision must be firmly rooted in the concept of excellence. Anything below that should not be tolerated. Yes, it sounds daunting. But then again, for the result to be magical, 'daunting' is a small price to pay.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Passion , inspiration , zeal ,dedication , these are few of the words we often use to describe leadership. All the great leaders of the 20th century, such as Sir Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. They all are perfect examples to justify this.

However , does the 21st century call for the same kind of leadership that we had witnessed during the 20th ? Every era is believed to have its own set of attributes and challenges . So how is the 21st century leadership different ?

The 21st century encounters opportunities and  difficulties the world has never seen before. Today's dynamic society demands for more leaders. Gone are those days where a mob was merely led by a leader,where the leadership was run on shear autocratic and directive leadership.

The current scenario pushes for leaders to in turn create more leaders, to inspire them , to lead them into believing that they can be more , do more and achieve more. This is the phenomenon of Activating Leadership – a value that AIESEC believes and lives by.

NEXUS – Hyderabad’s Annual Stakeholder’s summit, with its theme as ‘21st Century Leadership’, has taken up the initiative to spread awareness about the current ideology of leadership and the ways in which  it can be evolved to create better leaders.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost"

Life as we know is dynamic in nature. Everything is in motion. Motion is a sign of life, change and growth. Birds flock and animals wander. What about us? We TRAVEL. We travel to learn, grow and live. We travel to find adventure, for a change and to make memories and tell stories. Let’s look at what a typical traveler will gain by travelling to some other country :

1.Learns new language and culture

Learning a new language and culture is good but living them is even better

2.Makes new friends and builds network

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still stays by your side . It never hurts to make more friends

3.Gets to try new cuisine

Nothing like home cooked meal but our taste buds always have a craving for something new and different, don't they?

4.Learns to adapt to different situations in life

This is one way to put adaptability!

5.Has a lot of stories to tell

6.Looks at life from a different perspective

You never know when the rabbit might turn into a duck. All you need is new perspective

7.Develops understanding and tolerance. Becomes a better person

And the list goes on. The question isn’t, “ Why do you travel? ”, its “ Why don’t you ? ”