Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Young Aspirations!

A challenge to overpower your inhibitions to try new stuff,a chance to do something truly worthwhile with the privilege of having freedom to fail and start fresh with a vengeance to succeed.A platform to enhance and refine your talents and to discover few talents aswell.
   We,the youth of today are bored with our routine college work and seek to do something which is really worthwhile and helps us be a better person by helping us learn and grow in various streams of life!
Nothing beats an AIESEC journey experience to the Entrepreneurial spirit who gets to know first hand running of a corporate entity.A chance to experience learning by working in a corporate environment while still being in college.
Learning to let go that which holds us back and believing in our own abilities.A place to break the cacoon and fly like a butterfly!

Giving wings to Aspirations !