Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Every journey brings you to some place new and every destination makes you discover.

The National Leadership Development Seminar is a pioneer in its league in shaping the minds of the youth, along with giving the best ever introduction of AIESEC to any new member in the organization.

I, being a senior member in the organization, travelled as one of the Organizing Committee member for the Seminar, alongside a group of new recruits from Hyderabad, group of leaders. I’ve been to a national conference earlier, and I was familiar with the kind of roller coaster of emotions that was going to follow the next 7 days. And I witnessed a group of strangers, a group of new recruits to the organization come together, gel so well; I saw them grow, I saw them lead. . By the end of the Seminar, these individuals were sculptured; they were moved while they shook everything else.
The 6 days of tremendous workshops, the sessions from the first hour of the morning to midnight tested the strengths of the delegates, both mentally and physically. The agenda of the seminar was made to cast the newest AIESECers into leaders. It was like alchemy for Hyderabad. The Fictitious Local Committee stage of the seminar saw 16 OCPs and 6 LCPs from a delegation of 34. Now beat that! The Facis, Ashwath and Nagarjuna, along with Himanshu, our LCP, kept our spirits up always, forever motivating, advising them to do better, telling them to do what they felt was good for them.
All in all, Hyderabad Delegation showed tremendous amounts of energy that stood them out among the other 20 representing local committees. They were out there, doing everything. From screaming roll calls that shut the whole national plenary up, to participating in every activity; from jiving to every song with everyone, to making amazing friends, that are sure to stay on forever. . And nothing could stop us from getting the deserved, Best Delegation.

A Hiran knows his way of getting things round; a hiran knows how to be in the group and yet, lead. A hiran knows his strengths and plays by it, while forever trying to strengthen. A hiran stays calm, yet explodes with excitement. A Hiran, knows where he belongs, preserves his predecessors’ name. A Hiran shows humility, leaves his mark. A hiran leads, he wins. And yes, these new members have proved it all. I give you the more developed, the charged, the house of energy, the NLDS delegation, the winners, the leaders. I give you the newest bunch of Hirans, straight out of the National Plenary; the Best Delegation.