Monday, December 3, 2012

8 Years of Balakalakaar

AIESEC Hyderabad had started an initiative called "Balakalakaar" in 2005 with the idea of bringing together 1000s of under privileged children from across the city and NGOs to an art & craft workshop, giving them one day of fun frolic and freedom. Balakalakaar is a Child Rights initiative.
This year it turns 8 Years. The essence remains the same.

Look forward to more updates.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marketing Tips explained by Alumnus of AIESEC Hyderabad

AIESEC is a wonderful organization where you get to learn and develop skills that lead your life forward. The skills that you learn today will be useful forever. So did for one of our esteemed alumnus, Pallak Sancheti. Recruited in 2009 into the Corporate Sector of AIESEC, she assumed the role of Vice President of AIESEC Hyderabad for Marketing & Communications for the year 2010, within 5 months of her experience. In her term, she developed the systems of Communications and marketing to a profound magnitude. The marketing & branding of AIESEC and its activities reached out to various untouched parts of the city & nation. She was also a Teamster for the 62nd International Congress held in Hyderabad, India, where she gained experience and learning that she still remembers. Currently working in the Marketing team of Facebook, Asia Office in Hyderabad, she visited the Marketing team of AIESEC Hyderabad for a 2 hour session on “Marketing Trends to follow and business models that can be followed in AIESEC & in Communications

Pallak Sancheti addressing the attendees for the Marketing session

The attendees of the session were the Marketing & Communications team of AIESEC Hyderabad.

The Session included the Trends in Marketing that have been followed through the years, and the trends that are working now. The members got an insight into the external world as to how marketing works. The business model practice which was shown by Pallak to the members about how every big idea should be worked according a business plan. The approach towards any idea, with a great business model is sure to reach success.
Through Pallak’s session on Marketing, the members of AIESEC acquired a clear aspect of Marketing know-hows and trends in the external world which could be incorporated into AIESEC. Catching up is the word when it comes to Marketing. The methods and means of communication is ever changing and communicating the right message using the right media is the best case practice.

“Pallak’s the most amazing twenty one year old I’ve come across.” Said Anirudh, attendee at the session.

Pallak, as talented as she is, is also very humble and loved interacting with the new members of AIESEC. She gave away AIESEC goodies as well to the excited members.
Output: Members of Communications & Information Management portfolio of AIESEC have a clearer picture of Marketing & how to blend with the external world to be able to market AIESEC products better.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

AIESEC Truly Rocks!

LC Day 2012 WOOO !!!

AIESEC Hyderabad Marketing & Business Development Team (From L-R) Chitram Ajay, Samhitha, Triyanka, Kunal, Ehsan, Arya, Mukund, Aamer and Vivek in the front)

Okay being a new recruit, conferences, meets, summits etc.  are all new to me. Never the less I was super excited to attend my very first conference, Local Committee Day.  But this LC day was no ordinary LC day. It was extended for two days so we had to spend the night at the resort it was being held at.

Crazy to the power of infinity wouldn’t be enough to explain how amazing this conference was! All the departments in their cool department T-shirts (ours being the best of course:P) were screaming , shouting & battling each other with their roll calls and sexy jives . This really set the tone for the rest of the conference.

The conference began with our LCP giving us a session on why we were really in AIESEC? We debated on whether we were really doing things the AIESEC way .We debated on whether AIESEC really had an impact on us and we being a part of this organization were creating an impact in the society. I must say, the introspection all of us went through was really worth it because it made us understand what it is we were actually here for and why intend to stay! This was followed by dinner and everyone chilling out in their rooms. Its safe enough to say that none of had a minute of sleep that night. All the departments really bonded and I made friends for life! The crazy jokes we cracked and the endless laughter until 6 AM the next morning was my favourite part of the whole conference: P. The next day began with of course, PUNISHMENT!!! I felt so bad for those poor guys who walked in late to the plenary.  It left us all in splits! A session on the importance of BRANDING was given by Sam. It was followed by a session on creating and maintaining International Relations. A fun contest was conducted where we were supposed to be an MNC approaching AIESEC to partner with us. The most innovative team to convince AIESEC won! (Winners yet to be announced …EB I am waiting: P) . The HIGHLIGHT of the whole conference was the external session given by EDGE where they so brilliantly spoke about how we can work for an NGO and still earn profits! If not anything else, this is one thing I am so glad I was a part of!  

From the crazy jives to the MOTIONS game, from the screaming and yelling to the amazing sessions being conducted! LC day was definitely a success in my eyes and I CANNOT WAIT for the next conference!!

From keeping the sessions interactive, making sure all the accommodations were taken care of and handling everything so effortlessly, the EB pulled of something extraordinary.
 Kudos to them and the OC !

My experience with AIESEC Hyderabad just keeps getting better and better!

AIESEC truly rocks! 

The writer is Arya Sajjala, a member of AIESEC Hyderabad. The article is about her experience as a New member in the organization and attending the first Local Conference of the year.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

"Incredible India" - Memories of a Slovakian in Hyderabad

I started to plan my trip to India only few weeks before my departure. I didn't know what to think, what to expect, but I hoped that somehow I will be able to survive there for 6 weeks... As we landed in Hyderabad, bunch of AIESEC people were waiting for us, we started to talk, but firstly I didn´t understand a word...Indian accent seemed like something I would never be able to understand. But in obviously in some time this obstacle disappeared and since then I would never have a problem to understand any Indian.
First two days me and my friend Petra, we stayed at our „team leader“ Bhavishyat´s place. This was the first time I saw how indian family lives and it was also the first time I tryed indian food...not spicy, of course. I appreciated their hospitality, it´s not easy to accomodate two strange foreign girls. After that we moved to a flat with that funny view noone would ever have in Europe – yard full of garbage. Really something unusual for me...But the flat was in general ok.
First days of our stay we were just meeting other AIESECers and guys from Hyderabad Goes Green. Those days we didn´t have much work, because of some misunderstanding in communication between us and AIESEC, so we had some time to travel. One week in Kerala was one of the best trips I ever had. After we came back, some of other interns were already in the flat. It was nice to meet people from different parts of the world, to know more about them, about their countries, cultures and also to talk about my country, to share my experiences... We were supposed to work from that moment, but still there was not much work for us to do. AIESECers, as they promised us something we were not getting, as food. It was some kind of funny and weird not to get any food for few days and then, when they finally provided something, it wasn´t enough at all for 10 people. But we learned how to handle it.

Work we were doing was very interesting and I think that also usefull for those kids we were talking to. It was very surprising for me, the ways kids were behaving, how they were paying attentions to what we were saying to them. I really liked it. And then, after every workshop, the wanted to shake hands with us, asked for our autographs, that´s something I have never seen before.
Another problem we (interns) were facing was the time management and organisation of workshops. We didn´t get any information untill the last moment, mostly untill the late evening before the workshop was supposed to be. It was the same way also when the worshop was postponed or cancelled. Because of this desinformation, we couldn´t plan any other trip, even if we had enough free time for travelling. AIESECers only started to act after the complaint of all 10 interns and after a visit of the president of AIESEC.
Firstly I was supposed to stay in India only for 6 weeks, but as i fell in love with India, I postponed my ticket twice and finally I stayed for 2,5 months. My overall experience is great, I´ve seen very nice places, I´ve met great people, that became my close friends and although I´m already back home, I´m still in touch with them and I think I will be for a long time. I´ve learned so much about a culture completely different than my own culture, I tasted food as spicy as hell. I think India is a great country and I would be so happy to come back someday. I will only remember good things that happened over there and I will only laugh about those problems we had, cause they seem very funny now. But I hope, for the good of AIESEC Hyderabad, that for their next project they will try to focus more on their interns and they will try to avoid those errors and problems we were facing during our stay. As most of them are really young, they can doing it very good, but still can do much better, cause they have a great potential. I will miss India so much and hope to go there again very soon.

The writer is Simona Hains from Slovakia. She was in Hyderabad interning on Community Development Project.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


My wish for a long time was to travel abroad, meet new people and see how I find myself  living on a foreign continent. A colleague from Defense studies in Slovenia told me about AIESEC and encouraged me to join the organisation. I then decided to become a member as I was searching for a meaningful activity besides my studies in order to challenge myself and learn new skills by exploring a new professional environment. Shortly after I got in touch with AIESEC Slovenia and carried out formalities related to registration for the AIESEC forum, my TN Manager Dheeraj sent me an invitation for a project in India. As this was AIESEC Hyderabad's first project of cultural exchange program with Edify schools, I did not know much about what would my work placement look like. However, after reading  books of Sai Baba I had a feeling that the Eastern world was entirely different from ours and had a strong desire to get to know  the Indian culture, people and the country.

Natalia with 3 other Internationals in India

Our project commenced on December 7th when I arrived in Hyderabad. I got in touch with three other girls with whom we worked together on a project with Edify school. They are Jessica from Brazil, Salma from Egypt and Sue from China. Amazing girls. I had a feeling that we had known each other for the whole life. I was able to trust them, we have spent most of our time together and had so much fun that left footprints on my personality. Whenever I feel sad or I am in a bad mood I just spare a thought for my Indian team and my mood improves/start feeling better.

Motto of Edify schools is ˝beyond books˝. They have different activities where students can find their best inside resources. For example, ther idea is to use the concept of multiple intelligences and accepting the uniqueness of each child rather than having them conform to the traditional mode of education. I like this way of thinking and believe that every person can be successful if find their own inside resource and develop it.

Our role in this project was to present our cultures, habits, cuisine and sports to Edify´s students. We cooperated very well and tried our best to be close to students. We found differences between our cultures, but we agreed that althought we came from different continents we had a similar way of thinking. I hope that the whole world will become a big family and that there will be no wars. I believe that good people are everywhere, we just need to establish a more efficient communication and understanding for other cultures and traditions and then  everyone can find their own peace.

We visited five schools, where we spent four days at each of them. It was difficult to say goodbye soon after we made new acquaintances. We traveled to Ranipet, Bengaluru, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Amaravati.

The staff were welcoming and friendly, I felt like at home. Teachers took us sightseeing and we had a sports day. We met a famous Indian sportswoman and a lot of other interesting people. We visited numerous temples and had a lunch with families of Edify students. It was an awesome experience. Each of the schools prepared a welcome, where they made us a dot at our foreheads and sprinkled a rice. I felt bleesed. Lastly we celebrated the new year in Amaravati with principal´s family. They treated us like we were famous/celebrities.

Once our project finished we had time to travel on our own. We went to Agra (Tai Mahal), Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Pune and back to Hyderabad. After we went our seperate ways  I left for Puttaprthy in Sai Baba´s Ashram.

This internship experience enabled me to combine the useful with the pleasant. I became more comfortable in speaking English, I am not scared of challenges and changes because I realized that by managing them you can grow internally.

The writer is Natalia, from Slovenia.
Natalia was on an Internship in Hyderabad. She had an amazing experience during her stay.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

"Resources are limited & time's running out. We need to conserve" spoken by a Hyderabadi about the Earth Hour

What would’ve been just another ordinary saturday night, socializing, having fun or spending time on facebook, turned out to be something else entirely, for the membership of AIESEC in Hyderabad. After that night, we have entirely new priorities set before us. No, they’re not career related or study related. They’re life related. There’s no selfishness involved. It’s for the greater good. It’s for the entire humanity. And for the generations to come. Our resources are limited. And time is running out. We need to save them before it’s too late to do anything. For all of us now, this is going to be the 1st priority. Earth hour has impacted us in such a way.

Volunteering for this event has widened our horizons and made us more conscious of the limited resources and the fact that we need to use them very wisely.People today know the value of this precious environment that we live in, but the question is, how many of us actually work towards preserving it?

“A country grows in history not only because of the heroism of its troops on the field of battle, it grows also when it turns to justice and to right for the conservation of its interests.”

The event Earth Hour, conducted by WWF-India was one step towards the conservation of this planet. Taking part in such an event was not only a volunteering experience but it echoed a message that if someone has to bring a change then its the youth today that has to lead. And every volunteer from AIESEC Hyderabad had a great experience in taking this step to conserve alongside WWF-India as youth partner for Earth Hour.

Fossil fuels are predicted to be exhausted by 2050. Earth hour brought out a simple yet very powerful message that if we start today, then such conservation strategy is possible. It’s very practical to apply such strategies in our daily lives by switching off when not needed. It can be started by switching off merely a tubelight but imagine the impact if half the world’s population takes such an initiative daily.

The question to be spread is, “If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

The writer is Umang Mehta, an AIESECer from Hyderabad who volunteered for the Earth Hour through AIESEC.

AIESEC is the world's largest youth run organization. And we believe we speak for the youth.
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Hyderabadi student interned at United Auto Workers (UAW) Detroit, USA speaks about his experience


I am Praveen Paul, a management student from IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning & Management), Hyderabad. I did an internship with UAW (United Auto Workers, Detroit, MI, USA) for a period of three months.

It was a phenomenal experience for me. Meeting people from a different country, a different culture, was all exciting. I worked for the GOI (Global Organizing Institute) of UAW. There were 12 other interns along with me from different parts of the globe. Working with an entirely diversified group of young people with different ideas, varied cultures, gave me the experience to work in a globalized atmosphere. The first week, all interns were provided with orientation training about UAW and the verticals in which they work. This helped us to get accustomed with the organization culture and familiarity with the other colleagues. We were also divided into various teams of three people with varied tasks. The team in which, I was a part of, involved lot of traveling across US.  We traveled to various cities across US including Jackson (MS), Houston (TX), Atlanta (GA), Columbus (AL), New-Orleans (LS), Washington DC, etc. Our job was to visit various Automobile manufacturing units in US, where UAW was involved, and initiate talks with the workers of those manufacturing units. We happened to visit various technologically advanced manufacturing units like FORD, GM, CHRYSLER, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI-KIA, etc. All those visits improved our thinking horizons & thought process. We were able to understand much about the Industrial Relations Scenario in US. The first hand information, which we gathered, was put into a report with the help of our peers. This report will be utilized by UAW during their upcoming ‘collective bargaining negotiations’ with the automobile manufacturing company managements.

I was also asked to make an ‘India Specific research report’ based on the automobile manufacturing scenario in India, with more emphasis on the manufacturing hubs like NCR (National Capital Region), and Chennai. This report helped UAW as an organization to make their expansion plans in India.

I’m indebted to AIESEC, especially to people like Mr. Dinesh Baradi (AIESEC Hyderabad) & M/s. Jennifer Fischell (AIESEC Cornell), for helping me at each and every stage of my internship, in terms of document processing and communicating with me effectively whenever essential. I’m also Thankful to M/s. Caryn Laska (AIESEC Michigan) for being a great friend and a guide to me during my initial days at Detroit, MI.

I wish AIESEC Family all the best, and hope to see this student powered, global organization reaching great heights.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Because the people, who are crazy enough to think different, can change the world

As an AIESECer, I have realized that I'm part of something much bigger - an organization that represents the global youth voice! There is so much that we as youngsters can do using this platform.

Within 9 months of being part of this organization I have learnt so much! I've interacted with students, principals, corporate and made some really good friends too!! I can go on and on about what AIESEC has to offer. Be it Leadership opportunities, Exchange programs, Corporate and youth networking etc. But if I had to recommend it to you, it would be because of how much it has changed and impacted me. A year ago you would know me as a shy, quiet and not a very confident guy. From a Quiet person it has made me loud and vocal. It has given me opportunities time and time again to prove myself as an individual. I have seen change in me as a person, as a leader, as an orator in a span of 9 months. AIESEC gave me more than what my education gave me in one year. I feel ownership to what’s happening all over the world because this organization has taught me to be sensitive to such things. Yes, there have been highs and lows in my AIESEC journey but the culture, the people, the exposure and the diversity makes you fall in love with what you do. Another thing I have learnt until now through my AIESEC journey is that leadership is selfless challenging and lonely but an experience that stays with you forever. Through AIESEC I realized that most important thing is to make people around you happy, change the world around you, and create impact and to always look at the bigger picture.

AIESEC is that one organization that gives student the platform to experience how a business runs at a mere age of 18-19. The amount of opportunities that AIESEC has to offer young students, I doubt if there is any other organization that does the same. I believe that if every individual goes through an AIESEC experience, this world will be a different place, a better place.
I am a global Citizen. I’m an AIESECer.
While some may see them as the crazy, others genius. AIESECers are ones who see things differently. Because the people, who are crazy enough to think different, can change the world.

The writer is Bhargav Akhil Katikala, a student of JBIET, Hyderabad. He has been in AIESEC since February 2011, and is now on a Leadership Role, leading a team of 10 young individuals.

AIESEC Hyderabad is recruiting this February!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

An AIESECer speaks... calling out to the Youth

It was only in October that I got recruited by AIESEC, and this has so far, been the best 3 months of my life! AIESEC somehow, never fails to amaze me. Every meeting that I attend, all the work I do- there’s always so much to learn, to grow and change. Change for the better. The best.
I should be very honest, and I joined AIESEC for the reason that I was plain bored, and wanted something to do with life. Now, I realize, I couldn’t have taken a better decision. Organizing events, press conferences, meeting people, partnerships with the media. Work just couldn’t get better. Personally, I’ve found this clarity like never before. It’s helped me discover myself- my strengths, weaknesses,what I enjoy doing and what I dont. I hardly ever thought about my future plans before I came here. Now, I know exactly what I want to do. My mom would sure be indebted to AIESEC for that! I find this passion in me. A passion to achieve, to make it big, not just for myself, but for my entire organization.
The friends you make here, are going to stay friends for life. You get to build a very strong network. Not just your city, your state or country, but from all over the world! I’m sure you would never find such an amazing opportunity to make yourself heard.

“But what is happiness except the simple harmony between man and the life he leads?”~ Albert Camus.

At AIESEC, I have found just that! This is an experience of a lifetime. And nobody, for any any reason should ever miss it! With all my heart, I can only say, AIESEC is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. :)

P.S. This is one hell of a chance. Grab it before it’s too late.
Yes! AIESEC is recruiting!

-The writer is a member of the Public & Media Relations Portfolio of AIESEC Hyderabad. She is currently pursuing her Journalism studies from Loyola College, Hyderabad.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A volunteer speaks!

A Volunteer speaks--
Balakalakaar 2011!
This new year’s eve was definitely special to me, very close to my heart. It’ll always make me proud that I was part-reason for a thousand smiles :)
At first, I was a little sceptical. I wondered how students, all of them around 18-20 years of age, could come up with, and organise such a huge event! Managing a thousand children coming from all over the city, arranging for their pickup and drop, packing art kits and food, and then distributing, making sure that no one’s deprived of anything. Not at all easy. But all the effort is worth it, when at the end of the day, you know that you made so many of them happy. And I’m sure nothing else in the world would’ve given me that much satisfaction.

I was happy that I was able to give them hope that there will be a morning when they can wake up and see that their dreams have finally come true, a day, when the world would be theirs!
I’m glad I chose to spend my new year volunteering for these kids. A most amazing start to my year! :)