Friday, April 6, 2012

Hyderabadi student interned at United Auto Workers (UAW) Detroit, USA speaks about his experience


I am Praveen Paul, a management student from IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning & Management), Hyderabad. I did an internship with UAW (United Auto Workers, Detroit, MI, USA) for a period of three months.

It was a phenomenal experience for me. Meeting people from a different country, a different culture, was all exciting. I worked for the GOI (Global Organizing Institute) of UAW. There were 12 other interns along with me from different parts of the globe. Working with an entirely diversified group of young people with different ideas, varied cultures, gave me the experience to work in a globalized atmosphere. The first week, all interns were provided with orientation training about UAW and the verticals in which they work. This helped us to get accustomed with the organization culture and familiarity with the other colleagues. We were also divided into various teams of three people with varied tasks. The team in which, I was a part of, involved lot of traveling across US.  We traveled to various cities across US including Jackson (MS), Houston (TX), Atlanta (GA), Columbus (AL), New-Orleans (LS), Washington DC, etc. Our job was to visit various Automobile manufacturing units in US, where UAW was involved, and initiate talks with the workers of those manufacturing units. We happened to visit various technologically advanced manufacturing units like FORD, GM, CHRYSLER, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI-KIA, etc. All those visits improved our thinking horizons & thought process. We were able to understand much about the Industrial Relations Scenario in US. The first hand information, which we gathered, was put into a report with the help of our peers. This report will be utilized by UAW during their upcoming ‘collective bargaining negotiations’ with the automobile manufacturing company managements.

I was also asked to make an ‘India Specific research report’ based on the automobile manufacturing scenario in India, with more emphasis on the manufacturing hubs like NCR (National Capital Region), and Chennai. This report helped UAW as an organization to make their expansion plans in India.

I’m indebted to AIESEC, especially to people like Mr. Dinesh Baradi (AIESEC Hyderabad) & M/s. Jennifer Fischell (AIESEC Cornell), for helping me at each and every stage of my internship, in terms of document processing and communicating with me effectively whenever essential. I’m also Thankful to M/s. Caryn Laska (AIESEC Michigan) for being a great friend and a guide to me during my initial days at Detroit, MI.

I wish AIESEC Family all the best, and hope to see this student powered, global organization reaching great heights.

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