Monday, April 30, 2012

AIESEC Truly Rocks!

LC Day 2012 WOOO !!!

AIESEC Hyderabad Marketing & Business Development Team (From L-R) Chitram Ajay, Samhitha, Triyanka, Kunal, Ehsan, Arya, Mukund, Aamer and Vivek in the front)

Okay being a new recruit, conferences, meets, summits etc.  are all new to me. Never the less I was super excited to attend my very first conference, Local Committee Day.  But this LC day was no ordinary LC day. It was extended for two days so we had to spend the night at the resort it was being held at.

Crazy to the power of infinity wouldn’t be enough to explain how amazing this conference was! All the departments in their cool department T-shirts (ours being the best of course:P) were screaming , shouting & battling each other with their roll calls and sexy jives . This really set the tone for the rest of the conference.

The conference began with our LCP giving us a session on why we were really in AIESEC? We debated on whether we were really doing things the AIESEC way .We debated on whether AIESEC really had an impact on us and we being a part of this organization were creating an impact in the society. I must say, the introspection all of us went through was really worth it because it made us understand what it is we were actually here for and why intend to stay! This was followed by dinner and everyone chilling out in their rooms. Its safe enough to say that none of had a minute of sleep that night. All the departments really bonded and I made friends for life! The crazy jokes we cracked and the endless laughter until 6 AM the next morning was my favourite part of the whole conference: P. The next day began with of course, PUNISHMENT!!! I felt so bad for those poor guys who walked in late to the plenary.  It left us all in splits! A session on the importance of BRANDING was given by Sam. It was followed by a session on creating and maintaining International Relations. A fun contest was conducted where we were supposed to be an MNC approaching AIESEC to partner with us. The most innovative team to convince AIESEC won! (Winners yet to be announced …EB I am waiting: P) . The HIGHLIGHT of the whole conference was the external session given by EDGE where they so brilliantly spoke about how we can work for an NGO and still earn profits! If not anything else, this is one thing I am so glad I was a part of!  

From the crazy jives to the MOTIONS game, from the screaming and yelling to the amazing sessions being conducted! LC day was definitely a success in my eyes and I CANNOT WAIT for the next conference!!

From keeping the sessions interactive, making sure all the accommodations were taken care of and handling everything so effortlessly, the EB pulled of something extraordinary.
 Kudos to them and the OC !

My experience with AIESEC Hyderabad just keeps getting better and better!

AIESEC truly rocks! 

The writer is Arya Sajjala, a member of AIESEC Hyderabad. The article is about her experience as a New member in the organization and attending the first Local Conference of the year.

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