Monday, April 9, 2012

"Resources are limited & time's running out. We need to conserve" spoken by a Hyderabadi about the Earth Hour

What would’ve been just another ordinary saturday night, socializing, having fun or spending time on facebook, turned out to be something else entirely, for the membership of AIESEC in Hyderabad. After that night, we have entirely new priorities set before us. No, they’re not career related or study related. They’re life related. There’s no selfishness involved. It’s for the greater good. It’s for the entire humanity. And for the generations to come. Our resources are limited. And time is running out. We need to save them before it’s too late to do anything. For all of us now, this is going to be the 1st priority. Earth hour has impacted us in such a way.

Volunteering for this event has widened our horizons and made us more conscious of the limited resources and the fact that we need to use them very wisely.People today know the value of this precious environment that we live in, but the question is, how many of us actually work towards preserving it?

“A country grows in history not only because of the heroism of its troops on the field of battle, it grows also when it turns to justice and to right for the conservation of its interests.”

The event Earth Hour, conducted by WWF-India was one step towards the conservation of this planet. Taking part in such an event was not only a volunteering experience but it echoed a message that if someone has to bring a change then its the youth today that has to lead. And every volunteer from AIESEC Hyderabad had a great experience in taking this step to conserve alongside WWF-India as youth partner for Earth Hour.

Fossil fuels are predicted to be exhausted by 2050. Earth hour brought out a simple yet very powerful message that if we start today, then such conservation strategy is possible. It’s very practical to apply such strategies in our daily lives by switching off when not needed. It can be started by switching off merely a tubelight but imagine the impact if half the world’s population takes such an initiative daily.

The question to be spread is, “If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

The writer is Umang Mehta, an AIESECer from Hyderabad who volunteered for the Earth Hour through AIESEC.

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