Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NEXUS 2015


With the advent of literature, humankind flourished. The seeds to new possibilities grew into assured pledges, bearing the fruits, endeavors and hopes. These hopes form the dreams. Some, worked upon and only some touch the surface of reality. Not every thought conceived sees the light, but only if its shown the fire can it ignite.
Time is quick and quiet, it moves around with the most and might. Successful entrepreneurs and leaders of this era play around with time, risking and creating value. The more difficult the business the more value it adds. Mahatma Gandhi listed business without ethics as one of the seven greatest fears to humankind. Each business is an institution in itself, building upon its own believes and values.These values are the diverse business ethics that any institution or firm confides in and follows. These ethics or values are not definable, is not implementable, because it is not conscious, it involves not only our thinking but also our feelings. And certainly if the ethics are poor at the top, then that behavior is copied down the organisation.
A Corporate Pledge encloses the set of esteemed values and morals which will help in setting up an ideal workplace. And to set that paragon phenomenon today’s leaders and entrepreneurs need to understand the value of the “Corporate Pledge”. It has become a corporate responsibility to do the greater good of all. The Corporate pledge of any company encompasses their actions, the way they do it, it’s impact and experiences generated. The corporate Pledge creates Impact and beautiful experiences; and brings in the sustainable trend.
AIESEC is a non governmental, not-for-profit, youth run organization present in 125 countries. It’s vision is “Peace and fulfilment of Humankind’s potential”. AIESEC provides experiential Leadership Experiences through international internships and youth forums. It has been there in Hyderabad since the last 28 years. This year AIESEC in Hyderabad brings forward the 3rd edition of NEXUS, the Annual Stakeholder’s summit. It is where all the clients and stakeholders of AIESEC in Hyderabad gather around to discourse the theme of the evening and network with each other. NEXUS 2015 centers around the theme of “The Corporate Pledge”.


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