Thursday, January 28, 2010


24 x 7 Leadership Factory. A synonym for AIESEC in Hyderabad.
It is a fact that this local chapter of AIESEC in India is known for producing some great leaders and intellectuals in the past and is continuing to do so.

AIESEC in Hyderabad was started in 1987. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride for this entity and its members.
AIESEC provides opportunities for anyone between 18 to 28 years of age to go on an INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIP,
to meet big corporates of our city like Sujana Group of companies, BJETS, Novartis, WinIT and many more!
AIESEC Hyderabad has been "living diversity", "striving for excellence", "enjoying participation", "acting sustainably", "demonstrating integrity" and "ACTIVATING LEADERSHIP".
IN short we have been living the values of AIESEC in the true sense.

And now AIESEC Hyderabad proudly stands with the award for the best Business Development in the country.
Having successfully handled projects like GENESIS- a project to educate the society about the causes, effects and trauma associated with HIV AIDS.
Having successfully delivered an event - BALAKALAKAAR - to bring out the artist in every child, which has impacted the lives of more than 2000 under privileged children of our city.

Siddharth Suhas, President AIESEC India,
Sampreeth Reddy -founder of World View Education,
Deepti Chadda-Vice President Exchange, AIESEC International,
Saral Talwar-MD of Talwar Hyundai,
Venkatesh Gotetti- the CEO of Azri Solutions
Aditya Soma and Mohit Raj.
They have all been vice presidents or presidents of AIESEC in Hyderabad in the past.
These people are less than 25 years of age and have set milestones for years to come.

They all belong to THIS city of pearls and biryani!

AIESEC in Hyderabad calls out to the youth of the city:
If you think that our political system is infected with corruption.
If you think that our education system needs a revolution.
If you think it is easy to work abroad with people from different cultural backgrounds.
If you think you can and will make a difference to our society then

because if NOT NOW, WHEN?

To avail the opportunity of an international experience or become a member, contact:
Prashanth Ramgiri +91 9908505541
Pallak Sancheti +91 9866859425

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