Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pocket Recruitments, 2010....

Organizing Committee shares its Experience......

Tania Rao, Organizing Committee President

AIESEC has been a life changing experience for me. I was nervous when i was announced as the President. Then i got my team in a few days. We knew that the next two weeks would be intense. The kind of work and the promotions we were expected to do would need a lot of hard work. It didn’t go that well in the beginning but then pressure started building up eventually. My team, the organizing committee, was very cooperative.I think team effort was one thing that made our OC strong and successful. I am proud to say that we recruited a bunch of really bright individuals who definitely will exceed expectations and get a good learning experience from AIESEC. Hard work, learning and fun defines my term, i am glad i got an opportunity to live this experience.


Smita Gupta, Vice-President, Finance.

It was an exceptionally amazing experience to be on the Organizing Committee. It was good to recruit other people into the organization and share our experience with them. Constant interaction with different individuals, giving seminars in different colleges and convincing students to apply fo the internship has definitely improved my communication skills. The experience of working in a team of four different individuals, perhaps, has been my biggest learning. The pressure of meeting deadlines, being punctual, the skill of interacting with hundreds of individuals, the time commitments, every bit i did as a part of this organizing committee has helped me grow as an individual and the learning has been immense. This term has been an experience worth living. :)

Sonali Bantia, Vice-President, Venue and Logistics.

The Organizing Committee experience has been very nice. Even though we recruited just 30 people, I think we recruited the 30 BEST people. It was really nice working with Tania, Varun and Smita. I miss the fun we had during our term. Co-ordinating with different kind of people, working in a team and achieving our targets, all this, was fun and challenging at the same time. We accepted all challenges cheerfully and gave our best. It was a wonderful experience.

Varun Guptha Panuganti, Vice-President, Promotions.

Two weeks of time and huge targets ahead…

Initially, I was nervous, but, once we started working, those targets looked achievable. Getting 30 potential students as interns for AIESEC - Hyderabad, in the month of April when all colleges shut down for vacation, was not easy. But WE did it!

I got the best of the team experiences from this term. Met the craziest students of Hyderabad, gained tremendous amount of knowledge, improved my communication skills and most importantly I have learnt a lot more about AIESEC. My first and probably the best team experience of my AIESEC journey. :)

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  1. felt glad by seeing the targets achieved by you guys in such a short span of time...
    i admire your all hard work,dedication and most importantly the effectiveness..
    hats off for you guys....
    keep progressing!!!!
    Chetan Sharma