Monday, August 30, 2010


"Breaking Barriers....Creating Bonds"

The 23rd of August 2010 will go down as an illustrious day in AIESEC Hyderabad's history. Over 100 countries made their presence felt in the picturesque Sampradaya Vedika, bringing with them their cultures, cuisines and characters.

But then the day meant more than that to me. For someone who has been a part of AIESEC Hyderabad for over a year, the international experience wasnt exactly new to me, but Global Village with its sheer diversity and energy completely blew me away. From being handed a Swiss chocolate by an actual Swiss person to watching the Japanese enthusiasm for a song as Indian as Tunak Tunak Tun, the word 'globalization' to me became devoid of all its politico-economic undertones and simplified itself to a gathering of young people from the world over just having fun.

Imagine talking to a Dutchman about how much you supported their team in the finals, only to walk to the spanish stall to try out their delicious cured meats. So much for international diplomacy.

At the end of the day the biggest positive was the fact that GV as a platform was a great opportunity for us to bond, learn and feel united in the greater cause of hoping for a better, more united future.

Varun Pawar.

I still remember the day, I was standing on the edge of the pool and Anishay and Ashwath were announcing the names of the people who got selected as Organising Committee of Global Village. I was tensed as they have already announced and pushed Mahati and Ruthika into the pool and it was the best moment when ashwath pushed me into the pool. It was one of the best experiences I have ever experienced in my life, I call them precious moments.

This is the best learning experience a person can ever get from AIESEC and Thank you AIESEC Hyderabad for giving me the Best Experience ever.

The learning I have got , the fun I did, the type of team experience I have experienced is price less, I will remember this event and this experience for life time and I would once again want to thank Anishay Raj, Ashwath Vyas S, Himanshu Charan and my beloved OC for giving me this opportunity. Thank you to Hirans because without you we would’nt have delivered such a fantastic event , thank you so much.

Varun Panuganti.



  1. i too attended it.......... it was somthing you really cant xpress in words.......

    thanku aiesec 4 organizing such an event in our city.............

  2. hey can u pls tell me hw to get into ur world??? i mean i want to be a member in this society