Friday, December 9, 2011

Those beautiful days- playing long hours in the sun, not a care in the world, chasing butterflies and picking flowers, your prized crayons and colouring books, when the only thing that could worry you was your homework! Don’t you miss that time?
But what if you had to live on the streets with no proper food or clothes? Scary, isn’t it?
Here’s what a 10 year old kid has to say-
“ My father used to drink, and beat up my mother everyday. One day, he flew into a very big rage, and I dont know how it happened exactly, but my mother was dead. And I also had to tell a judge in the court that my father had killed my mother. My father’s now doing a life term and I had nobody to take care of me. I was out on the roads, all alone, begging for money and food. I used to cry everyday, wishing my mom would come back and take me home and soothe me and put me to sleep. I wanted to go back to school and play with my friends.”

And this was until an NGO found him and he now gets a place to stay, some food to eat and vocational training. And that’s just one sad story! There’s thousands of other kids like him. This one’s at least lucky that he has an NGO to take care of him.
This is not what they deserve! For no fault of theirs, they suffer. The innocence of childhood, long lost, and a lot of burden thrust upon them! And a smile? That’s a very rare sight!

VOLUNTEER for Balakalakaar and bring back a ray of hope in their lives! Be the reason for that smile! :)

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