Tuesday, November 17, 2009

100 And Going Strong!

The last post indicated about AIESEC making impact and creating life-changing experiences. Now, how exactly does AIESEC do that? AIESEC is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. Now what is ‘International’ about it?

AIESEC has a huge network of over 40,000 members and alumni spread across more than a 107 countries and 1700 universities globally.

AIESEC has, time and again, created opportunities for its members and non-members to go to another member country in the AIESEC network for the purpose of an ‘Internship’, gaining international exposure in the process and undergoing a never-before-heard-of-change in terms of personality development and cultural sensitization.

Every such experience that AIESEC creates is what we AIESECers call an ‘EXCHANGE’ which contributes towards AIESEC’s long term vision of ‘Peace and fulfillment of human kinds potential’ and the purpose for which AIESEC was formed 61 years ago by 7 individuals: to bridge cultural barriers and to do away with the possibility of World War III.

AIESEC Hyderabad has, in 2009, successfully delivered 100 such experiences, and has thereby impacted 100 such individuals who have taken that step and gone on an AIESEC internship to another country or have otherwise come to Hyderabad for an internship! And what’s more? AIESEC Hyderabad is the first Local Committee this year in Southern India to have reached this benchmark!

A 100 dreams. A 100 aspirations. A 100 eXchanges, and a 100 life-changing eXperiences! And AIESEC Hyderabad is showing no signs of slowing down. Hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all the members of AIESEC Hyderabad who have made it happen; who have made 100 EXCHANGES happen! Heaven knows it can only get stronger henceforth!

AIESEC Hyderabad has created and delivered and will continue to create and deliver such experiences to anybody who is ready for it because right now, AIESEC Hyderabad truly is DELIVERING DIVERSITY!!

Catch your breaths folks, there’s more to follow! After all, CITIUS-ALTIUS-FORTIUS is the mantra of the season! Ain’t it? :)


  1. Congratulations AIESEC Hyderabad :D !

    Way to go!

  2. Totally, A hundred down, but so many more to go :-)