Friday, November 20, 2009

Counting Steps...

I don’t know how AIESEC changed my life but I know it changed it. It all happened in a span of 14 months. I didn’t even realize but when I look back, a lot has changed in a different way. I remember being so lame, so directionless, so confused, so silent. It all changed. I found weird things about myself, which were always there but I never realized.
AIESEC has given me a huge platform to hop from one point to a
nother and explore the vast number of opportunities. And there are still so many more opportunities left to be excited about. They never seem to end!
The best thing I like about AIESEC is networking. The number of people I got to m
eet through conferences, appointments and random meetings is huge. I never knew I could talk to random people so effortlessly and make that connection ;) …
Being a part of the Exchange team in AIESEC, Hyderabad, and being responsible for providing an extraordinary experience to an 18 or 28 year old individual gives me a strange satisfaction :) .

Getting the opportunity to lead a team of totally diverse individuals and being able to show them what AIESEC is, and helping them understand AIESEC better and learn something even when one might feel there is not much to do; understanding them as individuals, building that connect, its a totally different experience. The fact that you get to learn something or the other every single second with the occurence of even the smallest and the most irrelevant events blows my mind!
It is like learning practically what I have read theoretically through AIESEC. The whole concept is so simple, a bunch of students come together work on a basic thing, like say, Exchange and having minimal money to help all of this survive. It sounds as simple as 1-2-3, and it all is as simple as 1-2-3 but it takes you from 1 to 100 and you wouldn’t even realize.

-Vega Chauhan
National Accounts Manager, AIESEC Hyderabad

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