Monday, December 21, 2009

Discovering Myself

AIESEC- The six letter word that had put my failures to rest, and ignited my spirit to be an achiever over a range of diverse aspects that AIESEC deals with. It started off in September 2008, when I was recruited as a new member into the organization. All the learning about how people as young as 17 year olds and as old as 22 year olds, take up leadership positions, responsibilities that are mammoth not only in task but also in their difficulty, enhanced my understanding about the qualities of a leader and the various steps required to become one.

The first step was the learning generated through my leaders in the organization, introduction to the work, and the act of taking up responsibility so on and so forth where one meets with challenges a 20 year old would not have met. Issues like work culture, team bonding, team work, adaptability, networking etc. which looked like minor issues to address in the beginning tend to take a major turn in priorities and requirements which prepares us to face the world filled with countless opportunities.

It has been 15 months since I was recruited in AIESEC and I have held team leader positions involving giving interns who have traveled long distances from various countries for internship opportunities, a cultural and a traditional experience which defines India and the city I belong to. People all across the globe have access to internship opportunities in India and vice versa in world class firms/companies, and the kind of platform that has been set for young leaders to take shape by laying strong foundations is unimaginable.

I feel very proud to be part of an organization that provides equal opportunities to youth all over the world, mobilizing vital ingredients of growth in an individual such as networking abilities, cultural understanding, global reach etc. which is a rare combination of traits you cannot find in other organizations.

AIESEC was the right kind of opportunity that I had waited for and I look forward to an amazing AIESEC career filled with leadership opportunities, cultural exchange, and loads of learning from fellow members.
I hope AIESEC ignites the spirits and minds of youngsters across the globe and India in specific and allows them to bank on the opportunities it provides.

Hoping for a young future on this planet,

Signing off,

Shashank Kanuparthi

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