Monday, December 21, 2009

Passion Fruit

There are very few things I'm passionate about. I never imagined that I'd be as passionate about something else apart from 'Cricket'...till I joined AIESEC Hyderabad. It is my 'Second Home'! I remember one person who has made a difference in my life, saying, this could be your second home and it is now, indeed! To me AIESEC Hyderabad has always been that place where I can be MYSELF without pretenses with people who share the same passion and ideas, if not better. The day I joined AIESEC, I knew it was what will change my life and it has in many ways. It is the manifestation of Leaders today. It has given me so many opportunities, some of which I couldn't have thought of otherwise and I'm sure nobody can ever imagine.

When I first joined AIESEC, I always wondered what those opportunities were that people talked about. Now I think about the opportunity I cherish the most... Is it the opportunity to see 3000 odd underprivileged children shaking your hand like you are a celebrity or maybe the opportunity of interacting with hundreds of students from 20+ colleges across the city or the chance to meet and work with interns from different countries all together or the chance of being under the same roof with 100 different people from different colleges in the city or the chance of leading teams at this age or the opportunity of meeting MDs or CEOs of the biggest companies today, or just the chance to be an AIESEC'er!

Being in AIESEC has made me look at the world with a new perspective. There are 3 kinds of people, One, who only dream and do nothing about it; Two, who don't dream and believe in only themselves; AIESEC has the third kind, the ones who believe in themselves and their dreams to conquer them. I am indeed extremely privileged to be here today and would love to thank everbody who have contributed in making this experience one I will cherish forever.

"Don't follow anyone's footsteps, make your own for people to follow"...

Cheers to AIESEC Hyderabad!

-Kritika Naidu
Manager, Business Development
Student, J.B.I.T.