Thursday, February 11, 2010


Many people support the right of a terminally ill patient to die - but what if the right becomes an obligation??? And what of the potential for abuse by impatient heirs???

Should dying patients have the right to order their doctors not to start or continue medical treatment? Should doctors be protected from prosecution if they shorten a patient's life expectancy with pain-killing drugs?

Most of us would answer yes to both questions. But does this mean we need a "right to die" law? Or is there more to the issue than first meets the eye?

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  1. Yes, we all have a "right to die" if we see ourselves in situation wherein dying might be the only better option than living.
    And yes, there is the potential for abuse in many ways.

    But a "right to die" law - No.

    A better option would be - An introduction of a Council or a Board which scrutinizes a claim for mercy killing from The Person, The doctor or The relatives to prevent any foul play. If its found to be a legit claim for 'Mercy', a court order could be issued.

  2. Exactly! Right to die law - NO!
    But like Nitish has mentioned, the petition should be scrutinized properly and not just go by emotions..

    for example: In the Aruna Shanbaug case, the management of KEM hospitals said they had been taking proper care of Aruna and that she had no bed sores even though she was on bed for 37 yrs. Appreciate that! But who knows what pain she is going through?
    People backfire and say Who knows maybe she is just not going through pain? makes no sense.
    every single moment is a pain.

    This link should explain more prolly..

    the story was touching..