Thursday, March 4, 2010

AIESEC - The Journey Begins.....:)

Sujay Garg

Almost a week passed by, since the Local Training Seminar was conducted, but its still fresh in our minds. The thundering applause we received as we entered the hall, the adjective –name session ,which was very effective in making us remember names quickly, the incredibly enjoyable stress busters- jives, roll calls etc, everything.

We witnessed presentations which showed certain facts about the world, some were historical, some were sad , and some were outright disturbing. Well the bottom line was that change had to start at an individual level for it to gain any momentum whatsoever at any other other level.

Day 2 of the Local Training Seminar:- The hungover form the previous day’s experience was still there. We got introduced to the various aspects of AIESEC. The respective Vice Presidents delivered their bit about their respective departments. This was the time , day –old acquaintances evolved into role models.

The word “leadership” has many perceptions. For example, Aerodynamically the Bumble bee isn’t even supposed to fly, but it does ,unaware that every time it takes flight its performs a miracle. Why? Because it doesn’t know it wasn’t supposed to fly. Nature didn’t create any borders , it is us who did it. How many of us have surrendered to the assumption that we cant do something without even trying it out? i know I have. A leader is a person(in my opinion) who challenges these assumptions everyday and says to the Nay-Sayers “UP YOURS” just like the bumble bee.

The next day we had a HOLI party at AIESEC’er Ashwath's place. Excellent people, excellent venue, excellent music, a lot of colors and loads of fun. I got to meet the members, alumni and trainees of our Local Committee. It was an amazing experience.

The old rec’s welcomed us Baby Aiesec'ers into the family with both arms open. A lot of effort went into the execution of the events for us, for which I thank each one of them. Thank you for making it special for us....

"I am basically from Mumbai. Came to Hyderabad like two years back and studying in Institute of Aeronautics Engineering, now! Initially missed my parents, dint really get along with the local language here. I have always been "The Outsider" even among the peers. But, the moment i walked in to AIESEC, I realized that "Where i came from" is not what matters, what really matters is WHO I AM....:)

Thank you Aiesec Hyderabad for giving such a wonderful beginning to my AIESEC journey.:)


  1. well written.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and good luck for your AIESEC Life ahead :)

  2. Good one. :)
    And Lol,Sujay. Its always "who you are" that matters. The others take a back-seat by the end of the day.