Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aiesec Experience - From A Beginner's Desk.....

Vijay Naidu

What i have experienced in the last one week cannot be penned down....

It’s the way I feel, ecstatic. Just a week back, I, Vijay Naidu a 1st year student from Wesley College was standing in the crowd of hundreds at Amruta Castle. The curiosity of going through a grilling three round interview was ripping me apart.....I could feel that the tension and the eagerness to join the organization was taking over me!!!! The only thing i knew then was that the World i was trying to be a part of, was DIFFERENT!!! The individuals in this world called themselves as AIESEC'ers. Four days after my interview, i got a call. I was one of those fortunate 81 who were selected to be the members of AIESEC ! I am exultant to adapt the culture here, and live my life

The Aiesec Way.

The awe-inspiring Local Training Seminar gave us the insight into the Aiesec world, its Structure, Culture, The Aiesec Way and the kind of opportunities we can grab to explore the leadership potential in us! This was one of the finest weekends i witnessed. 81 new friends, a new family, and a thousand reasons to smile are just a few things i got from this seminar. Two days of immense learning and amazing fun - an experience i

would cherish for days to come!

But, the journey had just started!!! LTS was not the end of the AIESEC HYDERABAD had another exuberant festivity planned for us, on holi!!!! For the new recruits, it was the first cultural event in Aiesec!!! We got to meet the alumni, old members and the trainees of Aiesec Hyderabad. I hardly knew anyone. At the same time, i felt connected! I was blown away by the comfort level we shared! I had a wonderful Holi. I was just astounded by the positivity in the atmosphere and the fun-loving people around me. Amazing friends, excellent venue and colourful faces with wide smiles was what it was all about. And i thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I feel i have got a new family of friends. I am very happy and proud to be an AIESEC'er...

Thank You AIESEC for giving me a new life......:)

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