Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Experience of an Experience.....

Ruthika Modi

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. “

My term on the Organizing Committee has been the most memorable, rewarding, satisfying and challenging experience, both personally and professionally, for me, in AIESEC. I got recruited in August '09 and the phone call which said I was 'in' changed my life. I was amazed to see a *student* organization run so efficiently. It was astounding to see individuals of my age working hard to be THE CHANGE AGENTS.

Then i attended the Local Training Seminar, It was one of the best seminars i had ever attended! I entered a new world. A world which gave me everything. Work, friends, experience, fun, jives, roll calls, PUNISHMENTS and countless joyful memories. I got a chance to attend the AIESEC CONFERENCE. These conferences are bound to change the way you think, the way you act and the way you live. Three FANTASTIC Conferences that i attended were truly life changing experiences.

Then i decided to apply for the post of organizing committee president for February recruitments, 2010. A grilling interview, serious faces and worried conversations, I went through it all. Little did i know, it was just the beginning!

I wanted it, I applied for it and......I GOT IT!!!

I was at a high. It was a wonderful feeling! It was not over, yet. I was overwhelmed to get my CO-President, Nitish Reddy!!! I knew, both of us together would make it possible. And then came the time, when Nitish and I got a family. A bunch of diverse, innovative and bright individuals made their way into our lives, Nikita garg, Nain reddy, Tania Rao, Ashmita Chabaria, Swati Arun, Seshu Kumar and Eeshan Reddy.

the rOCk'n'rollas!!!

Together we experienced some of the wackiest moments: college rides, the form sales, the arguments, the permission letters, the joy of counting tallies, tasty canteen food, the small treats, the seminars and many more wonderful moments which made our term memorable!! Ohhh what fun we had!!! Bunking college and going to someone elses college to sell forms... how vague does that sound?? haha... but that's what we did and had the time of our lives. So many fragments of memories associated with so many people. But these 9 people were SPECIAL. An extraordinary league altogether and I am so proud to be one of them!! :)

There are stories in abundance. One, from every college. Something funny that happened or something valuable that we learnt. From nikita falling from the chair or swati being left in JBIET( :P),to the principals scolding us, to each and every one of us delivering successful seminars and impacting thousands of students. From facing bandhs to not fixing appointments, we faced a lot of challenges. And every single challenge, made us stronger!!! From being able to sell forms to pulling off an entire event on our own, from breaking records to creating new ones, we did it all. These 45 days have been the most memorable, mind blowing and remarkable days of my life.

This term was my baby!!! And to be able to deliver it successfully makes me feel like a proud parent today! :D. I had a Fantastic Organizing Committee and now we are friends for life. It’s funny how a term gets you such amazing friends whom u never really knew. I will terribly miss those days when all of us left everything (college, home, friends, etc..) to make this possible. The infinite online meets, the small chats, the long talks over the phone, coming up with strategies :P, the screaming, the ordering, the walk-in video (wuhoo.. ) and the jives!! One helluva experience.

From shouting in the corridors to announcing the names of selected candidates, from declaring not- so- good news to those who dint make it to getting blasted by the Executive Board, from crying to laughing till I almost cried, we lived all the possible emotions at once.

Attending my Local Training Seminar was a great experience,Helping to deliver one was greater..!! :) I was so Happy to see 84 baby AIESEC’ers sitting there, the ones whom we sold the forms to, now are a part of US.

What we dint realize then was that we were constantly growing and learning while having so much fun. I have changed in these 45 days by

Heaps and bounds and for the better! Such is the intensity of the OC term!

Now that it’s over, I feel I am missing something, there is a void that is created which can never really be filled, which can never be substituted.

But, since all good things have to come to an end, this did too. I am just glad that i happened to be a part of this magical term. I am sure, in the coming days, i will have many more terms to live, experience and cherish. :)

Thank you Aiesec Hyderabad for giving me one of the most enriching experiences of my life....

Signing off,
Ruthika Modi,
Organsing Committee President
Feb Recuitments, 2010.
student, St. Francis.

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