Thursday, March 18, 2010


Kiran Mayee

“Go and conduct AIDS Awareness workshops. How hard could that be??” I thought! So when they asked in the interview, “why genesis??” I answered “why NOT genesis??!” I mean, how difficult could that really be? The base was set, the task was not that difficult , and I had the will to do it...

But the next thirty days proved to be the most excruciating, hectic, demanding, and of course the most memorable days of my life. There were so many possibilities for one simple task to go wrong. I couldn’t even imagine the way things could get twisted the way they did. It was definitely not some 1-2-3 instant maggi noodle recipe as I wrongly assumed.

When taking up social responsibility becomes a necessity, a priority, an obsession and not just a bonus, Project Genesis for me became a struggle to set things right. I learnt so much and I used to think I knew everything! It made me realize that every little experience is just a part of a bigger learning process, something much larger than the scope of any of ours’ imagination.

Heading Genesis was one of the chief, most intense and major terms of my learning experiences. Although, it was the shortest!

I found a friend with a different equation in each of my team members. I learnt many things about team dynamics. Most importantly, I found my very own leadership style. :)

At the end of this term, I sure as hell realized that I did not achieve my humongous targets, but I’m satisfied. Because I know and believe that I did deliver what I promised to; Quality workshops, Quality AIESEC Experience,and Quality learning for me, my members, my trainees and the youth of Hyderabad!

No matter how hard the College bandhs, frequent agitations and re-scheduled exams tried discouraging us, we stood strong. In the end, I am satisfied!

Thank-you AIESEC HYDERABAD... :)

Kiran Mayee,
Organizing Committee President,
Genesis HIV/AIDS Project.